Intellectual Property Policy


AOZSWIM fully respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and adopts a strict zero tolerance policy for any forgery and/or infringement of intellectual property rights.

We will regularly check the list on our website to avoid any possible intellectual property infringement. If any list is found to violate ZAFUL's policy, it will be deleted.

Although we strive to avoid selling any infringing products on our website, due to the large number of products, providers and sellers, we sometimes still fail to detect or identify intellectual property infringements. Therefore, we strongly encourage customers or intellectual property holders to cooperate with us. In this sense, if you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, we urge you to let us know this and follow our complaint procedure.

1. Eligible complaints include:

●Trademark infringement: Unauthorized use of the same or similar trademark on the same or similar goods as the registered trademark.

●Patent infringement: unauthorized use of design patents or utility model patents granted by others.

● Infringement of copyright: Unauthorized use of content or photos created by others or sale of copyrighted works of others, including books, CDs, software, etc.

●Other activities that violate local intellectual property laws.

2. Complaint procedure:

You can start a complaint by submitting a notice of infringement. You can send the notice to us by email: After receiving your notice, we will conduct a quick internal investigation. If your complaint is accepted, we will take corresponding measures against the allegedly infringing goods.

3. Measures we may take against infringing goods:

●Remove the allegedly infringing goods from our website.

●Notify the seller of your complaint and provide them with your information so that both of you can clarify the problem.

●Cancel the sales privilege and withhold funds from the infringing seller, and destroy the infringing inventory we own if the infringement is proved to be true or the court upholds the original judgment.

● Terminate the user account of the infringing seller in the case of three (3) intentional infringements.

●In some extreme cases, due to the seller’s infringement activities, a lawsuit against aozrynl, or judicial, law enforcement or administrative departments request ZAFUL to terminate any account or take any similar measures, in some extreme cases, immediately terminate the user of the infringing seller account.